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Kanye West vows never to swear again

Kanye West vows never to swear again

London, Aug 17 :Singer Kanye West has vowed never to swear again in order to become a perfect gentleman.

West, famed for gatecrashing the stages of numerous award shows, says he’s now in a positive frame of mind and has put his former persona behind him, reports contactmusic.com.

“That’s the Rosewood mentality, like affluence, like not cursing out in public, pulling out chairs for your lady, opening up doors. That’s where I’m at,” he said.

He added his present outlook is so positive, it’s helping him produce the best songs of his career.

He said: “It’s ill because I’m at this really good emotional, great place in my life, and they’re always saying in hip-hop that you have to be in a dark place to make great hip-hop.

“I feel like I rap better than I’ve ever rapped at this point. I’m writing raps and I don’t even realise how positive they are. They just sound like regular good negative raps.”

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