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Kangana Ranaut has Miracle boobs

Kangana Ranaut has Miracle boobs

Everyone at IIFA awards in Sri Lanka is stunned to see Kangana Ranaut with her enhanced boobs. The actress has admitted that her breasts have expanded miraculously after she gained seven kilos of weight recently.

Kate Hudson was in the news recently for her breast implants. Miss Universe Sushmita Sen too admitted having breast implants.

Sushmita defended herself by saying that “she is proud of what she had done sine it wasn’t a crime to enhance one’s beauty.”

Bengal beauty Bipasha Basu too had breast implant surgery. She was in the news for defaulting Rs 2.5 lakh to Dr Ashok Gupta for performing surgery.

Lady shotgun, Rakhi Sawant had already admitted of having a breast implants.

Kangana Ranaut Photo Gallery 2

Kangana Ranaut Photo Gallery 1

Kangana Ranaut Photo Gallery

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