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Kandireega Movie Review

Kandireega Movie Review


Kandireega starring RAM and Hanika, directed by Debutant Santhosh Srinivas, touted as romantic action entertainer with ample mass elements entertains you.


Srinu (RAM) happy going and jovial guy gets rejected by Bujji(Colors Swathi) in a marriage proposal, as he failed in graduation. Being hurt by Bujji’s decision Srinu moves to Hyderabad from Anakapalli to complete his graduation. Srinu spots Sruthi(Hansika) in the college and falls in love with her. Sruthi is being humiliated by local goon Bhavani (Sonu Sood) to be his wife. Bhavani warns, beats and kills whoever try to show interest in Sruthi. Srinu gets encountered with Bhavani on this regard.

Kandireega Movie Review

There is another episode, where in Sandhya (Aksha) falls in love with Srinu, and expresses same to her father Rajanna (Jaya Prakash Reddy) a goon in Warangal. Being a single and pampered girl, Rajanna accepts her love and he wants Srinu tie knot with his daughter.

Rest of the story goes whether Srinu wins Sruthi from Bhavani or he settles with Sandhya.


Titled as Energic Star, RAM has given superb scintillating performance through out the show and it is RAM all around the corner. Scenes, in which RAM talks with God Vinayaka brings some laughs. Sonu Sood’s performance and variations in his character are to be mentioned, he is the perfect choice for the role. Hansika as lead actress did justice to her role. She looks fat and need to work on her built. Aksha though having very limited role brings laughs with her innocent expressions and dialog delivery. Jaya Prakash Reddy is at his best as usual.

Kandireega Movie Review

Raghu Babu as Intelligence avatar brings some laughs. Though guest appearance you can’t stick to seating positions during Brahmanandam episode as duplicate Bhavani. Other actors Srinivas Reddy, Chandra Mohan etc…did justice to their roles.


Each and every character is perfectly crafted in this riveting narration by debutant director Santhosh Srinivas. Much care is taken in screenplay and director succeeded in getting complete attention of audience. Dialogues are OK. Dialogues in Telangana accent need to be written well. Dialogues written for Comedian actor Srinivas Reddy during introduction are simply superb. Cinematography is of top notch and editing steals your attention. Music by Thaman is good compared to his recent movies and background score is impressive.

Kandireega Movie Review

Voice over is given by Director VV Vinayak for introduction Sonu Sood character and by Actor Krishnudu for GOD Vinayak.


As a package Kandireega is paisa vasool mass masala entertainer with some clean comedy and gripping narration. Though RAM seems to be imitating Pavan Kalyan in his acting, his kandireega entertains. Go and get recharged on this long weekend.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Review by: Chetanz ([email protected])

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