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Kanchana Movie Review

Kanchana Movie Review

The Film

Kanchana has a supernatural theme with dead spirits taking revenge on people who had wronged them when alive. The narration has been treated more on the witty side than on that of horror. There is an undercurrent with an appeal to be sensitive to the plight of the physically challenged persons particularly transgenders.

The Synopsis

Raghava (Raghava Lawrence) stays with his mother (Kovai Sarala) and his elder brother who is married with two kids. Raghava loves to play cricket with friends and he is terribly scared of spooks and evil spirits. He is also in love with Priya (Lakshmi Rai). There is a forbidden play ground which is belived to be haunted. Raghava and his friends try to play cricket on that ground, and a vengeful spirit accompanies him into the house.

With weird things happening the house when the spirit invades Raghava and he is beset with odd behaviour. Raghava’s mother and his sister-in-law (Devadarshini) seek the help of a maulana to drive the invading spirit away. In the process, it becomes known

Kanchana Movie Review

that the spirit is that of Kanchana (Sharat Kumar) a transgender, who had been killed by an MLA to usurp Kanchana’s land.

Will the maulana be successful in driving away the spirit of Kanchana from Raghava? Will the spirit of Kanchana be able to take revenge on the erring MLA? Answers to these questions lead to the climax.

The Performances

Lawrence Raghava gives an energetic performance. Being a choreographer, he dances well. Sharat Kumar takes the cake as he effortlessly essays the role of a transgender. Lakshmi Rai is just a cosmetic prop and has nothing much to do. Kovai Sarala does well and creates

Kanchana Movie Review

humour even in horror scenes. Devadarshini has done a decent job of her role. All others are adequate.

The Techniques

The story starts off on a casual way and picks up intensity as it moves on. The scenes involving the presence of spirits are not dealt with the fear associated with horror but sprinkled with humour. A subtle point is that the existence of spirits is shown as taken for granted. The screenplay aids the narration momentum. Dialogues are casual with focus on wit. Music takes a back seat and the narration is disturbed by unnecessary songs. Cinematography is very good and the audiography adds to the narration mood. Production values are ok.

The Verdict

Kanchana is not exactly a horror movie and it is laced with sufficient humour even in spooky situations. The point that the transgenders should be treated with understanding has been dealt with poignantly and by showing that even their spirits seek justice for the wrongs done.

Kanchana Movie Review

One visit to see Kachana would quite in order for the efforts Raghava Lawrence put in.

The Cast and Crew
Raghava Lawrence, Lakshmi Rai, Kovai Sarala, Sharat Kumar, Devadarshini and others
Music : Thaman
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh
Director : Lawrence Raghava

The Rating
2.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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