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Kamal Haasan now works to re-launch daughter Shruti

Kamal Haasan now works to re-launch daughter Shruti

By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Aug, First it was mom Sarika whose good friends were used to launch daughter Shruti Haasan’s career in Hindi cinema. Now, apparently dad Kamal has taken over the responsibility to put his daughter’s career on the right track in Bollywood.

Her first first attempt at stardom in “Luck” was a big fiasco. So now “Ghajini” director A.R. Murugadoss has been asked to create an impressive re-launch film for the pretty actress.

Murugadoss admits that his multilingual film “Ezham Arivu” (“The Seventh Sense”) is planned as a re-launch for Shruti in Bollywood.

“It is a medical thriller with some of the most costly special effects ever done in southern cinema. We want to take the sci-fi to a new level in the South. Shruti has a very powerful role and yes, we’re hoping it would launch her career in Hindi cinema,” said Murugadoss.

The story goes that Murugadoss had gone to Kamal Haasan to collaborate on a project. Instead Kamal suggested that he work with Shruti whose experience in Mumbai was far from satisfying.

That’s how Murugadoss ended up signing Shruti opposite Suriya in the Tamil “Ezham Arivu” (“The Seventh Sense”). Originally the film was meant to be in Tamil and Telugu. But now a Hindi version is also being made. It will be made in Tamil Nadu.

The actress’ Hindi launch “Luck” starred Imran Khan, a close family friend of Sarika’s and Shruti’s. Sarika and her two daughters used to stay with Imran’s mom during her earlier visits to Mumbai.

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