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Kalavar King Telugu Movie Review

Kalavar King Telugu Movie Review

The Film

Kalavar King is a regular run of the mill story narrated with nothing but lethargy and incoherence.

The Synopsis

Rajesh (Nikhil), hailing from a middle class family, has the gift of gab which he employs to get loans from all and sundry. Shruti (Swetha Basu Prasad) loses her gold chain gifted to her by her cousin Narendar Shetty (Ajay) who wants to marry her. Meanwhile, Rajesh retrieves the gold chain but pawns it to raise money for a friend. Then there is a little twist that leads to a predictable climx.

Kalavar King Telugu Movie Review

The Performances

Nikhil is good in his role. Swetha Basu Prasad is wasted. Ajay is as villainous as ever. Kasi Viswanath and Ahuti Prasad essay their roles well. Ali, Raghubabu, Venumadhav and Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam fail to tickle the funny bone. All others just go through their motions.

The Techniques

The story is not punctuated by credible incidents and the screenplay is shoddy and is unable to continuously get the attention of the viewer. Characters are not properly delineated and the dialogues lack the spice or punch. Music is just average. Cinematography by Balamurugan is the only saving grace of the film.

Kalavar King Telugu Movie Review

The Verdict

Kalavar King is just an average fare and not at all entertaining.

The Cast and Crew

Nikhil, Swetha Basu Prasad, Ajay, Ali, Raghubabu, Venumadhav, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Kasi Viswanath, Ahuti Prasad, Bharat and others
Cinematography : Balamurugan

Music : Anil

Dialogues : Chandoo Mondeti

Producer: Srinivasa Rao & A. Chandrasekhar

Banner : Sri Sai Krishna Productions

Director: Suresh

The Rating

2 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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