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Kajal To Follow Bollywood And Hollywood Babes

Kajal To Follow Bollywood And Hollywood Babes

Glamourous and successful actress Kajal Agarwal who turned 29 yesterday has made lots of money with her hard work. She is wanting to lend her name to social causes. But she is scared it might impact her image as a glam doll. She does not want to take any chances at the prime of her career. Like Madonna and Sushmita Sen Kajal wants to adopt a child to give them a beautiful life. But she is scared of comments if she adopts a child prior to marriage. Also she is scared of the arduous adoption process and blackmailing by the real parents of such adopted children. Now, dear Kajal, there are many ways in which you can do social service if you really wanted to. For example, you could support children in orphanages and help in their education.
As it is said, there is a way where there is a genuine will.

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