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Kabir Bedi to get Italian knighthood

Kabir Bedi to get Italian knighthood

Veteran Bollywood actor will be honoured with the highest ranking civilian honour given by the Italian republic, Cavaliere of the ‘Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana at a special ceremony, organised by the Italian consul general in Mumbai, Giampaolo Cutillo, for the actor’s contribution to the Italian entertainment industry. He starred in many other Italian TV series and films.

Kabir Bedi first tasted success in 1976 with the ‘Sandokan’ TV series, which depicted the saga of a freedom fighting Asian pirate during British colonial times who falls in love with an English girl. The series broke viewership records across Europe, and made Bedi a household name internationally.

Kabir acted in the acclaimed Italian film Andata Ritorno, by Marco Ponti, winner of the prestigious David di Donatello Award.

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