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K.Bhagyaraj’s “Siddhu +2 First Attempt”

K.Bhagyaraj’s “Siddhu +2 First Attempt”

K.Bhagyaraj’s “Siddhu +2 First Attempt”

K.Bhagyaraj is making a film titled “Siddhu + 2 First Attempt” which will star his son Shanthanu in the lead role opposite a fresh face heroine Chandini.

This film is being made in Tamil and Telugu and will be produced by K. Bhagyaraj’s production company KBR Medias Pvt. Ltd. and presented by Moser Baer Entertainment. K. Bhagyaraj himself will direct the film and music will be composed by Dharan.

“Siddhu + 2 First Attempt” revolves around students, Shanthanu and Chandni, who belong to two different cities. They fail in their plus-2 examinations and run away separately to avoid wrath of their parents. They meet at Chennai railway station and the events that follow form the rest of the narration.

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