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Jumbo Movie Review

Jumbo Movie Review

Jumbo Movie Review

Voice over of:

Akshay Kumar for Jumbo, Dimple Kapadia for Devi,
Lara Dutta for Sonia, Rajpal Yadav for Dildaar and
Gulshan Grover for Bakhtavar
Producer : Precept Pictures

The Film
Jumbo is a computer-generated 3-D animation Thai film titled Khan Kluay made by internationally acclaimed animation director Kompin Kemgumnird in 2006.

Jumbo is the same film dubbed in Hindi.

The Story
An elephant-child Jumbo is traumatized because everyone is taunting him as a fatherless child. He then sets on a journey in search of his father who is a war elephant for the king.
Meanwhile, he loses his mother (v/o Dimple Kapadia).

Jumbo’s search leads him to an exiled prince who seeks to regain the lost glory of the erstwhile kingdom. In the course of his journey Jumbo meets his love interest in a young female elephant Sonia ( v/o Lara Dutta) and makes friendship with a postman bird Dildar (v/o Rajpal Yadav).

Jumbo chances to meet his mother also and grows up to become the king’s warrior elephant and leads the army into battle for a final conflict with the arrogant tusker Bhaktavar (v/o Gulshan Grover), who killed his father in earlier battle.

Jumbo Movie Review

Jumbo Movie Review

After the battle is won, the benevolent king grants Jumbo the freedom to go to the forests and live with his loved ones.

The Verdict
Jumbo is a well made animation film. Though it is originally a Thai film, it has all the aspects that can easily identify with the Indian ethos. The voice over by big stars gives the narration the necessary spice.

Though animation films are basically meant for children, Jumbo can equally be enjoyed by adults.

This film has high international standards in the production of this animated film.

The Rating
3 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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