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Julia Roberts gladly draped sari for ‘Eat Pray Love’: Indian co-star

Julia Roberts gladly draped sari for 'Eat Pray Love': Indian co-star

New Delhi, Aug 19, Hollywood actress Julia Roberts fell for the sari, bindi and payal (anklets) and happily dressed herself in the traditional Indian attire for a sequence in her latest outing “Eat Pray Love”, reveals the Pretty Woman’s lesser known Indian co-star Russhita Singh.

“I play Tulsi, an Indian girl, in ‘Eat Pray Love’ that has Julia Roberts in the lead. We shot for a month in India last year. We actually mopped the floor and recited Sanskrit shlokas together. In fact, I was impressed with Julia’s skills to recite the Sanskrit shlokas with utmost precision,” Russhita said in a statement.

“Julia was present for my on-screen wedding. While I was dressed like an Indian bride for the sequence, Julia gladly draped the six yards sari and accessorised herself with traditional Indian ‘bindi’ and ‘payal’. She was familiar with every ritual of the Indian wedding that was being acted out. She was also familiar with the rationale behind the ‘saat pheras’ and the significance behind wearing bangles,” added the young actress.

Directed by Ryan Murphy, “Eat Pray Love” is based on Pushcart prize-winning author Elizabeth Gilbert’s spirituality-travel memoirs by the same name, and features Roberts as Gilbert who travels to Italy, India and Indonesia in search of peace.

Having released in the US Aug 13, “Eat Pray Love” is hitting Indian screens in October. It was shot in India at the Ashram Hari Mandir in Pataudi, Haryana, about 40 km from New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Russhita says she enjoyed working on the movie.

“I love every bit of the part that I play in the film. I had to work hard because it was an unusual role. Sharing screen space with Julia was an experience in itself. I’m glad the film has shaped up well,” she said.

“Eat Pray Love” also stars Richard Jenkins, Javier Bardem, Billy Crudup, James Franco, Leca Argentero and Viola Davis.

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