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Jr. Ntr Is The Kind Man

Jr. Ntr Is The Kind Man

Philanthropy is a part of many stars’ life and they do it up to their extent. Rajnikanth, Surya, Chiranjeevi and many more are not just the heroes on screen but they have made many heroic contributions to the society too.

The latest respect gained by his kindheartedness is none other than Jr. NTR. The kids of his personal staff are all studying in highly reputed schools of Jubilee hills. This is just because the young star is bearing all their expenses of education. He wants them all to study well without fearing the expenses. The story doesn’t end here, NTR also bear the medical expenses of his staff and their families. Recently when the father of his crew member got ill, NTR made possible for him to get treatment in KIMS, one of the most reputed and costly hospital of the city.

That is the exact reason why this young hero is respected by one and all. Good going hero!

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