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John and Bipasha live-in love on rocks

John and Bipasha live-in love on rocks

The longest live-in celebrity couple of Bollywood, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu is reported to be finally on the verge of break-up.

According to sources, Bipasha wanted marraige and John was said to be not yet ready. After, almost ten years of romance, the couple were not seen together in public for almost an year.

Their detractors say that Bipasha’s career is zoomin up while John is not having any hit films in the recent past. He is also not being approached for big films except Race 2 and Dostana 2 which are yet to take off. Meanwhile, Bipasha is also getting offers from Hollywood.

Though both Bipasha and John have not made any public statement about their relationship, sources say that they are as good as separated

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