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John Abraham turns artist

John Abraham turns artist

New Delhi, Sep 3 : Bollywood heartthrob John Abraham turned an artist on the sets of his new film “Jhoota Hi Sahi”.

John’s hidden talent came to the fore when director Abbas Tyrewala was briefing the actor on the nuances of his character.

“He was doodling on a piece of paper while listening to Abbas. He started including the characteristics in his doodles that Abbas wanted him to keep in mind while playing out the character. The doodling went on to shape up a proper character, which he showed to Abbas. The filmmaker was quite thrilled with John’s interpretation of the character. He instantly nick-named the sketch as ‘Jhoota John’,” said a source.

John admits that he had accidentally discovered a flair for sketches.

“Abbas kept telling me that my character had nothing in common with the hot and sexy guys I played in the past. Sid (the name of the character) falls in the cute space – a fun-loving guy with lots of friends. And while forming a picture of him in my mind, I kept drawing it out on a paper. I think he’s cuter than me,” he quipped.

There are now talks that the sketch might be launched as a comic series.

The source said: “Yes, the idea is already being worked on”.

However, John says: “it’s too early to talk about it.”

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