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John Abraham on freedom for birds

John Abraham on freedom for birds Model-turned-actor John Abraham, a staunch animal lover is all set to appear in an advertisement campaign of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launched by its web portal, petaDishoom.com.

Wearing four-meter-long wing, the Bollywood heart-throb will carry the message Be an Angel for Birds: Don’t cage them.

“Animals cannot speak for themselves, so it is up to us to give them a voice and speak for them. Animals deserve to live a life free of torture. The least we can do is to allow them that freedom,” says the actor in an interview with petadishoom.com.

“Birds are born to fly great distances. Keeping them in cage is a cruel thing to do and possibly the worst form of punishment anyone can think of for a bird,” says John who is playing the character of a winged angel in a yet to be launched music album Koi Annay Wala Hai by Pakistani pop group Strings.

The campaign is a joint venture of PETA and Strings, which has allowed the website to use winged picture of John. John has earlier joined hands with PETA to ban elephants from urban areas and appealed to the government of Goa to take action against pig slaughter.

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