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John Abraham Almost Killed On The Sets Of SAW

John Abraham Almost Killed On The Sets Of SAW

While filming the climax of Shootout At Wadala, John Abraham was almost killed as the gun fired by Anil Kapoor at him had a real bullet instead of a dummy.

The stunt team coordinating the climax goofed up with the gun and when Anil, playing the cop Isaque Bagwan, shot at John, who plays gangster Manya Surve, the bullet grazed the left side of John’s neck.

Normally, in such scenes, a blank bullet (minus metallic lead) would be shot from a minimum distance of 15 feet. But, here it was shot from a distance of only 1.5 feet. The shot burst into flames as planned, but due to the close range, hit Abraham with higher intensity (almost ten times) than it was supposed to.

Had the aim of Anil Kapoor is more accurate, the bullet would have killed John. This unfortunate incident took place on September 23.

In 1993, Brandon, son of Bruce Lee, was killed in a similar mishap that occurred on the sets of his film, The Crow, in Wilmington, N.C. A blank bullet generally used only to simulate gunfire while filming, propelled a bullet that was lodged in the rifle earlier, killing the actor.

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