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Jessica Alba wants a bigger family

Jessica Alba wants a bigger family

London, Sep 1, “Sin City” star Jessica Alba, who has a two-year-old daughter Honor with husband Cash Warren, says she would love to extend her family by having more kids.

Asked if she wanted another child, she said: “Yeah, I think so, it’s the best thing ever. So, having more kids, I can wrap my head around it.”

Jessica admits her daughter can be stubborn at times and has very strong opinions, but she insists she isn’t afraid to discipline the youngster.

“She’s walking and talking, she has lots of opinions. She talks about everything she wants and needs. She said she wants coffee in the morning,” contactmusic.com quoted her as saying.

“So I give her water in a coffee cup. She likes to have big girl cups and she likes big boy T-shirts and princess dresses. I didn’t even teach her that stuff,” she said.

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