Jennifer Aniston in Hollywood remake of Khamoshi

Jennifer Aniston in Hollywood remake of KhamoshiIf everything goes well, Sanjay Patel, a US NRI, in association with a major Hollywood production house, will remake yesteryears Bollywood film Khamoshi, which was directed by Asit Sen and released in 1969.

Khamoshi starred Waheeda Rehman, Rajesh Khanna and Dharmendra. The film dealt with the emotional trauma of a nurse, played by Waheed Rehman, in a mental asylum, when she falls in love with a patient and loses her mental balance.

The English remake will be titled Silence and Jennifer Aniston is likely to play the role of the nurse. If the plans of the producer fructify, then Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeeves may play the male leads.

However, there may not be any song and dance sequences in the English version.

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