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Jayaprakash’s Dual Shades

Jayaprakash’s Dual Shades

Jayaprakash Reddy is comfortable doing both full-fledged villain roles and comedy roles at the same time. He is a staple for films like Rayalaseema. His face and mannerisms made him ideal for a fraction role. And he is equally famous among the audiences by the great style of his comedy. When asked by the media persons about management of these dual expressions he said, “Take the example of Hitler. He looks menacing in one angle and in another angle he looks funny. I take my inspiration from him. I think, among Telugu actors, Kaikala Satyanarayana was one person who could balance between villain and comedy roles. From the present generation, I can safely say that I am doing the balancing act perfectly. I must thank my directors who realized that they can fit me into comic roles. Currently, I am mostly doing comic villain roles.” Jayaprakash is excited about his career

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