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James Cameron Diving To The Lowest Point On Earth

James Cameron Diving To The Lowest Point On Earth

Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron, who made the films Titanic and Avatar, set out from the tiny Pacific island of Guam for the Mariana Trench, and is descending more than seven miles straight down in a lime green reinforced submersible, the first ever solo mission to the lowest point on Earth.

Cameron’s 24ft long vertical capsule, The Deepsea Challenger, weighs 11 tons and was built amid great secrecy in Australia over the last eight years.

During the nine-hour mission, he will collect animals, rocks, water and sediment using a robotic arm, and deploying traps with bait on the seabed to attract undiscovered creatures. The rocks will be analysed by geologists seeking to understand the movements of tectonic plates, and bacteria will be studied by space scientists seeking to discover how life survives in extreme conditions.

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