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‘Jai Sriram’ Song Shoot in Goa

'Jai Sriram' Song Shoot in Goa

Tollywood young and handsome hero Uday Kiran is turning powerful cop in his upcoming film titled ‘Jai Sriram‘. If one thinks that he will be rough and tough with no romantic shades, then he is mistaken because currently he is enjoying in gorgeous locations in Goa participating in romantic song shoots.
His romance with Reshma is filmed under the direction of Balaji N Sai. Director says the film is about a honest cop and his tribulations in trying to do justice to both his profession and his love life. Currently climax shoot is underway which will be completed by the end of this month. Audio will be released in December. Aditya Menon, Chalapathi Rao, MS.Narayana, Ali, Banerjee are starring in the film. Dake is the music director. Tella Ramesh, NCH.Rajesh are producing the film.

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