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Press Note: Jaffa Overseas by Blue Sky Cinemas

Jaffa Overseas by BlueSky Cinemas

BlueSky Cinemas, one of the leading players in overseas market bagged complete overseas theatrical screening and DVD/VCD rights of most wanted Bramhi’s JAFFA. Trailer released 2 months ago created a sensation in web surfers and reached 4 lakhs hits with in couple of days. Jaffa is a full length laugh riot for 2hrs that make you forget all worries and entertain you with 100% guarantee.

Jaffa is a combination of Brahmanandam as a dreaded terrorist “Jaffar Khan” in leading role followed by Ali, Venu Madhav and several other comedians. It is directed by Vennela Kishore. Bramhanandam will thrill you with counter punch dialogues and expressions throughout the movie. Music scored by Sunil Kashyap. The movie comprised of 4 songs and all are comedy based too! Among these four songs one special song with a famous heroine will be a surprise package for audience!

Our sincere thanks to producer Mr. Ramesh Varma for giving this opportunity and making BlueSky as part of this venture. Special thanks to Mr. Sudhakar Chaganti helping out to close this project.

If you are interested in exhibiting this movie in your local areas please feel free to contact…

Srini Unnam
Ph: 732 586 0932
Ph: 510 996 8514
Email: movie@blueskycinemas.com

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