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Jacqueline keen to work with the Khans

Jacqueline keen to work with the Khans

Jacqueline Fernandez got a new height in her career with the blockbuster film ‘Kick’. She feels that Salman Khan is an inspiration, aamir khan is a legend and Shah Rukh Khan is the first superstar of today’s times.
Jacqueline has worked with Salman and now she is eager to work with other two Khans. The actress says, “Any one would hope to and wish to work with Aamir. His films are content-driven and any actor working with him would be sure of being in a good content film. And then he is a remarkable actor. I want to work with good actors, I want to learn.”
So will there be one another tall actress in Aamir’s film. She said while laughing, “I am not that tall, so Aamir should be open to work with me. About SRK she says, “I am in awe of him, he is such a gentleman. Working with him would be a magical experience for the person that he is and for the work that he has done.”
And she finally says smiling, “Am I not asking for too much?!”

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