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Jackie Chan’s 100th film ‘1911’ at Tokyo IFF

Jackie Chan’s 100th film ‘1911’ at Tokyo IFF

The film titled 1911: Revolution is the 100th film of martial arts exponent Jackie Chan which will be screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

The year 2011 marks the centenary of the Wuchang Uprising which had overthrown Qing Dynasty by Sun Yat-sen’s forces. Jackie Chan captures that momentous historical event in his film.

1911: Revolution (The Xinhai Revolution) is co-directed by Jackie Chan and Red Cliff cinematographer Zhang Li. The film stars Jackie Chan as Huang Xing and Chinese actor Zhao Wen Xuan as Sun Yat-sen. Taiwanese actress Feng-Jiao Lin, and Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan also play pivotal roles.

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