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It’s Over Between Asin And Neil

It's Over Between Asin And Neil

“It’s over” is a simple phrase. But it means a lot here. Southern beauty Asin apparently broke up with Neil Nitin Mukesh through a simple text message with that phrase.

Sources said there has been no communication between the two actors since that message. Asin Thottumkal and Neil Nitin Mukesh started out as friends and later began dating. Though they never made their relationship public, lenses caught them intimate. Asin had made it very clear that Neil shouldn’t ever talk about them to the press or otherwise.

It is also learnt that while Neil was a fun-loving, easy going sort in the relationship, Asin was controlling and fiercely ambitious. This difference is said to have put them in wrangles. Sources also said that the trouble broke out between the two after Asin started getting close to Salman Khan. Apparently, Neil had issues with her attending Sallu’s house parties. When he confronted Asin, she told him to back off. Soon, she just stopped answering his calls.

It’s over..!!

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