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Its good-bad-ugly for Bhaskar

Its good-bad-ugly for Bhaskar

Bommarillu became a surname to director Bhaskar who had debuted with that movie. Unfortunately, Bhaskar’s next two films disappointed. His second movie Parugu with Allu Arjun produced by Dil Raju did not do too well at the box-office. Bhaskar’s third movie still worse falls short of an average moviegoer.

Orange’s tag line Love in fall utterly fails to attract audience. The movie lacks several formulae of a hit movie. The movie is not juicy. Dialogues are not witty and pretty boring. The movie presentation confuses an ordinary movie lover. Genilia disappoints with her over action. The movie exceeded on budget front but falls short on expectations. Ram Charan Tej fails to score hattrick with Orange. This movie also a third to director Bhaskar whose career graph as director is moving downwards.

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