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It’s Love Story After Horror form RGV

It’s Love Story After Horror form RGV

Director Ram Gopal Varma is on giving continues flops and lost his glory. He got his glory after directing several classics like ‘Shiva’, ‘Gaayam’ and ‘Satya’ etc. The director then took to low budget filmmaking which further dented his credibility as an innovative filmmaker. Now Ram Gopal likes to direct the film in such a way that people like to watch and has finally realized that the audiences are no longer ready to watch his poorly made horror flicks and decided to come up with an out and out romantic entertainer ‘365 Days’.
In ‘365 Days’ movie which is starring Nandoo and Anaika Soti . The film story is all about the young couple’s love life before and after marriage.
Talking to the reporters, Nandoo said that RGV is spending 4 crores on this film and that the director shelled out 35 lakhs just to shoot a rain song. RGV films are almost zero budgets but for this film these numbers are definitely shocking as his recent films are at very low budget. Recently the film’s teaser has been released. Let wait and watch if RGV makes a comeback with this love story.

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