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Ishq Movie Review

Ishq Movie Review

The Film
Ishq is a routine formula love story, but told with verve and energy and narrated with credible incidents with the principal characters well delineated.

The Synopsis
The story has two streams: In the first, we see Shiva (Ajay), son of the commissioner of Police (Nagineedu), who is desperately in love with Divya (Sindhu Tolani). Unable to win her over, his mind cracks up.

In the second stream, which starts after a lapse of three years, we see Rahul (Nitin) on a flight from Delhi to Hyderabad, meeting Priya ( Nitya Menon) on board. Owing to technical reasons, the aircraft is diverted and lands in Goa. Rahul has an aunty (Rohini) there. The unexpected detour of the flight and the ample time at Goa gives scope for Rahul and Priya to come together and falling in love with each other.

When Rahul and Priya come back to Hyderabad, the first stream of the story gets intertwined. It is revealed that the mentally unstable Shiva is the brother of Priya and that Divya is the sister of Rahul.

The rest of the story deals with the untangling of the web of inter-personal relations of Rahul, Priya, Shiva and Divya, which leads to a predictable conclusion.
The Performances
Nitin, with a new hair style and makeover, justifies his character. Nitya Menon is the cynosure of the entire love story and she carries herself with aplomb. Ajay is impressive as the obsessive lover. Nagineedu is subdued but credible. Sindhu Tolani in her cameo is good. Rohini is her normal self. Ali gives some laughs. Ramesh and Duvvasi Mohan do their bits convincingly. All others fit into thei roles.

The Techniques

Though Ishq is a straight forward love story, director Vikram has spruced it up with credible incidents, in spite of taking cinematic liberties here and there. The principal characters are etched well and they balance each other in the content of the story.The screenplay makes the audience tuned up for the narration, which in most parts interspersed with wit and innate humour. The dialogues are natural. Anup Reubens music adds pep to the proceedings. The highlight, of course, is the cinematography of PC Sriram, which makes the film an aesthetic dimension. Production values.

The Verdict

Ishq has all the elements of entertainment in measured parts and can be seen for the performances of Nitya Menon and Ajay. It does not have the intrinsic value of a block buster, but has the trimmings to have a decent run at the box office. The film deserves a dekho, mainly for the skill and craftsmanship of director Vikram Kumar.

The Cast and Crew
Nitin, Nithya Menen, Ajay, Nagineedu, Sindhu Tolani, Ali, Supreeth, Sathya Krishna, Rohini, Sudha, Ravi, Tagubothu Ramesh, Duvvasi Mohan and Others
Music : Anup Rubens
Cinematographer : P C Sreeram
Producer: Vikram Goud

Banner : Sreshta Media Pvt Ltd
Director: Vikram Kumar

The Rating
3 out of 5
Review by Deen Kumar

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