Is Siddharth dating Shruthi Hasan?

Is Siddharth dating Shruthi Hasan?

Is Siddharth dating Shruthi Hasan?

Bollywood is abuzz that the “Rang De Basanti” actor Siddharth, who is now starring in the Hindi film “Striker”, is busy dating Shruthi Hasan, daughter of Kamal Hasan. He was known to have had an affair with Soha Ali Khan and is said to have stayed in her flat whenever he visited Mumbai. Then there had been a break up between Siddharth and Soha.

Siddharth’s films in Telugu did not do well in 2009. He is said to be hoping that his romance with Shruthi might bring him luck and a few more offers of good films in Bollywood and perhaps in Kollywood also.

The film “Striker” is being made by Chandan Arora and Siddharth’s character will be based on the life and times of a real-life carrom whiz from the slums of Malavni named Suryakant.

2 Responses to “Is Siddharth dating Shruthi Hasan?”

  1. karthik says:

    its not true that siddharth has flop films .almost every film in telugu he has hit films .

  2. SANKETH says:

    siddharth is an awsome hero with great skill and passion and he wil fly with shinning colors and rumors are always rumors which keep biching behind it depends upon what we love to accept
    any ways he is a onli 1 actor who have the magic to attract the audience and he always ROCK
    and willlll ROOOOOCK

    my passion is only to meet sid and be his best buddy