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Is Parugu linked with Chiru’s political plans?

The film Parugu, starring Allu Arjun and directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar, was released last Friday. Though there is a mixed reaction for this film from cine buffs and critics, what caught the imagination of the fans is the storyline which has a stunning similarity to the elope drama of the second daughter of Chiranjeevi.

As is common knowledge, the runaway bride and the ensuing media exposure caused immense embarrassment to Chiranjeevi.

There is no information whether there had been any rapprochement between the estranged daughter and the famous father. However, in the film Parugu a valiant attempt has been made to show that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with runaway brides. The father character in the film is shown to have undergone agony about his daughter’s adventure, but reconciling with the situation with dignity. Some fans opine that this is a cinematic explanation of the real life experience of the celluloid hero with political ambitions.

However, director Bhaskar said that the story of Parugu was conceived and written even before Bommarillu, which means that the storyline of Parugu was put together much before the incident of Chiranjeevi’s daughter took place.

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