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Is Malavika pregnant?

Is Malavika pregnant? Malavika is now acting in the film Samrajyam and she has alleged that the producer of the film Anajaneyulu has misbehaved with her. She has said that she could not perform some dance steps as she was pregnant. Then, the producer Anajaneyulu entered her caravan and asked her to show whether she was really pregnant or not. Malavika says that Anjaneyulu has used abusive language against her.

The producer denied this allegation and said that it was Malavika who was harassing him. She had not been reporting for shooting for some time and this had resulted in the film getting delayed. The two are now sticking to their respective stands and are ready to fight it out in the courts of law. Anjaneyulu said that he would file a defamation case against Malavika in the court to seek 75 lakhs as compensation.

It may be recalled that sometime ago, Malavika had alleged that veteran actor Rajendra Prasad outraged her modesty by forcibly kissing her on the lips. Looks like Malavika always thrives on controversies.

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