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Is “Magadheera” story a copy of novel “Chanderi” ?

Is “Magadheera” story a copy of novel “Chanderi” ?

Is “Magadheera” story a copy of novel “Chanderi” ?

Ram Charan Tej’s latest film “Magadheera” directed by SS Rajamouli has been declared a big hit at the box office. Now, a novelist, S.P. Chari, is claiming that the story of “Magadheera” has been copied from his novel “Chanderi”, which appeared as a serial between April 30 and December 31, 1998 in the Telugu daily Andhra Bhoomi.

Chary says he wrote “Chanderi” on the concept of reincarnation of two lovers who lived in Chanderi and Orcha kingdoms of Madhya Pradesh around 400 years ago. In his novel the lovers commit suicide by jumping into a well and are reborn in this century to get married.

The novelist alleges that the movie makers o in his novel from Haradaul to Harsha and Indumathi to Indira. Even the villain’s role got changed from hero’s own brother to a cousin while the rest of the story remains the same.

Vijayendra Prasad has been given the credit for the story of “Magadheera”. Chary lodged a complaint with the AP Film Producer’s council on copy right violation and would approach the court if the producer Allu Aravind did not give him the credit for the story.

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