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Irrfan Khan does a “Knock Out”

Irrfan Khan does a “Knock Out”

All is not well between actor Irrfan Khan and producer Sohail Maklai on the sets of “Knock Out” that put director Mani Shankar in a delicate position. According to sources, Irrfan did not report on the sets and this sparked off the row.

It is alleged that Irrfan refused to cooperate because his payments were not cleared yet. Sohail is then said to have assured Irrfan that the issue will be sorted out and coaxed him to come to the sets. The next day, Irrfan turned up and Mani Shankar could finally resume shooting.

However, both Irrfan Khan and Sohail Maklai are denying that there was a tiff between them.

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