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Indian spiritualist offers to help Lohan, Hilton

Indian spiritualist offers to help Lohan, Hilton

London, Sep 21, An Indian spiritualist has offered to help troubled Hollywood celebrities Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton get rid of their bad habits and avoid jail.

Both stars have found themselves in legal trouble in the past week for drug related issues – Hilton has been handed a suspended sentence and drug counselling after pleading guilty to possession while Lohan is facing another court appearance after failing a drug test.

Vir Balahara, an Indian spiritualist, has offered his services and is convinced he can “cure” Lohan and Hilton. Balahara, known as Virjee, retired as director general of income tax of India.

“After his about 23 years of self-exploration, he felt ready to take his mission and new awareness globally to help the sick,” contactmusic.com quoted Rajan Zed, who is close to Balahara, as saying.

“He has studied the health issues of Hollywood celebrities and says that he can treat drug, alcohol and smoking addictions, emotional and physical breakdowns, weight and diet-related problems, ageing-related complaints, etc, and he can help them achieve their anti-ageing and fitness goals,” he added.

“Virjee has thrown an open invitation to Lohan, Hilton and other Hollywood celebrities to visit him in Mumbai and he promises that they will return to Hollywood healthy and vibrant. His technique is complex and based around pranayam (exercising control over the process of breathing)…”

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