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In front of TMK RGV Ki Aag is Sholay

In front of TMK RGV Ki Aag is Sholay

It is amazing that every time a film gets bad talk they dig up RGV Ki Aag again. In front of Tees Maar Khan RGV Ki Aag is Sholay. Move over RGV Ki Aag, TMK is here. Aag ke peeche TMK.

Those are tweets by director Ram Gopal Varma on the latest Bollywood movie Tees Maar Khan. The reviews were unfavourable but TMK placed at number three in the biggest Bollywood opening weekend collections behind Salman Khan’s Dabangg and Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots.

Not all negative talk, RGV has some appreciation for Ravi Teja’s forthcoming film on which he had tweeted: “Just saw trailer of ravi teja’s mirapakaya and I can’t remember last time I enjoyed anything as much..I want to buy ticket on first day first show black”.

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