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I’m trying to be less messy: Beyonce Knowles

I'm trying to be less messy: Beyonce Knowles

London, Aug 21, Singer Beyonce Knowles says she has a habit of staying untidy and messy but admits she is trying her best to get rid of it by staying clean.

“I promise I’m working on this, but I could be less messy at home and keep the clothes in my closet and off the floor,” femalefirst.co.uk quoted her as saying.

The 28-year-old also admits she is a workaholic and can’t stop thinking about her career, even during her time off.

“I love going to dinners, seeing plays, visiting museums and spending time with family and friends. I know it’s time to jump back into my work when everything I do starts inspiring lyrics and melodies and I can’t keep myself out of the studio,” she added.

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