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Ileana Commenting About ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’

Ileana Commenting About ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’

Ileana D’cruzz is known for her upright and contrasting opinions about anything. Ileana has now revealed her views about celebrities who are competing in #IceBucket Challenge. She said, “Dumping ice on your head isn’t going to charge much. Consider donating to this cause and raise awareness about ALS. Saying this she directly targeted celebs competing with each other for the challenge.
Her comments about the challenge are to some extent correct but there is something behind dumping ice also. We appreciate that Ileana is honest but the fact is ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’ is all about creating awareness about the disease. Otherwise if we ask people to sit and listen about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, then no one will be interested to listen. That is the main reason behind the ice bucket challenge. Ileana must understand this.

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