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Ileana career not kicking!

Ileana career not kicking!

The hot Ileana got a hit with ‘Kick’ in 2009 but ‘Saleem’ and ‘Rechipo’ were t he two duds at the box office.

The Goan beauty has been around the industry for four years but reached the heights in Tollywood. The fair and lovely model gradually increased her remuneration upto Rs 1 crore.

Her films are not doing well at the box office and her figure too has some added fat above all one crore remuneration distanced the producers.
The producers preferred hit movies Kajal over flop movies Ileana. Now Ileana is considering giving huge discount to the producers.

Currently, she has three films on hand namely, Shakti (Telugu), Thunta Thunti (Kannada) and Vedi (Tamil).

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