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Ilayaraja composes Mahatma Gandhi’s bhajans

Ilayaraja composes Mahatma Gandhi’s bhajans Some of the last Bhajans written by Mahatma Gandhi were found by the Birlas about three years ago. These Bhajans were written by Mahatma during his stay with Birlas. These were handed over to Ilayaraja with a request to compose music for these Bhajans.

Maestro Ilayaraja scored the tunes for the divine bhajans of the Mahatma and sung by Hindustani classical singer Pundit Bhimsen Joshi. The audio was released on July 16 at Sree Vidyaniketan Engineering College, Thirupathi.

The General Manager of Aditya Birla Group handed over the first CD to Ilayaraja, who in turn handed over it to actor Mohan Babu.

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