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IFFI Ignores Tollywood

IFFI Ignores Tollywood

Last year Natasimha Balakrishna was the chief guest for the closing ceremony of the International Film Festival of India which was held at Goa. It seems that the Film Festival of India is ready once again to insult Tollywood. This year none of the stars from T-town have been invited as the guest for the event. From the very beginning Tollywood’s actors are ignored by the IFFI officials. The officials always give priority to the Bollywood stars.
A source said that IFFI is mostly a Bollywood centric and they can’t look beyond for celebrities. The source also said that he was happy that the organizers of the festival have improved their way when they invited Balakrishna but now again as none of the star is invited it seems that they are back on the old track.
Most of the Telugu film people will stay away from IFFI. It remains to see what will be the reaction of biggies on this issue.

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