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I Visualised The Director In Each Frame, Dasari On ‘Oopiri’

I Visualised The Director In Each Frame, Dasari On ‘Oopiri’

The crazy combination of Akkineni Nagarjuna, Karthi and Tamanna, who made a successful film like ‘Oopiri’, was released last week and is running with a super hit talk and is collecting good revenue across the globe. The film had earned a super positive talk right from the day it had hit the screens. Reports reaching Hyderabad says that the collections were steady wherever the film is released. Speaking on the occasion, Darsaka Ratna Dasari Narayana Rao says, ‘It is a great thing to keep a star hero on a wheel chair for about two-and-a-half hours. One needs guts to narrate such story and impress the star hero to do that role. For a good artiste, face is just enough to perform. This has been proved once again through this film. It is an adventure for an artiste like Nag to accept and do such role. Karthi too gave excellent performance. We could see a different Tamannah through this film. After ‘Bommarillu’, I got satisfaction of watching a good movie. I did not see one such film which has good making during the last ten years. It is really a different movie. Whether someone accept me or not, no other director had dared to attempt such film in recent past. In each frame, I could visualise the director and his talent. He moulded each and every character in a fantastic manner. The story had got an excellent treatment and you can’t find melodrama at any place. The film had no separate track and the characters itself evoked comedy. I wholeheartedly compliment PVP Cinemas for bringing out such a fantastic movie.’

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