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I have shared a wonderful chemistry with Imraan Khan – Genelia D’Souza

I have shared a wonderful chemistry with Imraan Khan -Genelia D\'SouzaGenelia D’Souza’s biggest release of her career Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na hits the marquee on July 4. She is said to have shared a wonderful chemistry with Imraan Khan and they have become good friends.

On Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Well, I am very anxious and looking forward to the release. I look at this film as a big opportunity. I hope that people appreciate the film and my work.
It’s a perfectly young film about youngsters. It’s not just a romantic film, though romance forms an integral part of the film. It’s also about friendship and the friends play a very important part in the film. The film talks about friendship, love, first crush and literally takes you back to your college days

On the character of Aditi in the film
Aditi is a brat. She is an extremist. She would laugh out loud and howl and scream and cry. And for her, Jai (Imraan) means everything; if someone messes around with Jai then she abuses them with the choicest of expletives. But overall, Aditi is full of life and complete fun to be with.
I am very much like this character, except for the fact that I don’t abuse like Aditi. I could relate to Aditi as she is very much like how I was during my college days. If I like someone be it a friend or anyone else, then I would go all out for that person even to the extent of being possessive about him / her. So yes, I am very much like Aditi though I feel I have mellowed down a bit now.

On the hero Imraan Khan
Imraan’s name is Jai Singh Rathore so that’s why Rats….I am Aditi Mahang and I love cats so that’s how Meow (laughs) . Moreover, since she feels he is a darpok, she calls him Rats meaning Chooha. Also, it’s only Aditi who has the right and privilege of addressing Jai by the name Rats. Aditi on the other hand is like this kaali-billi and will scratch anyone who takes panga with her or Jai …hence Meow.
Strangely from the day we met, we hit it off. We even screen tested together. We were super comfortable with each other from the first day itself .In fact, I was whacking him right from Day 1. It was just like how Aditi and Jai are in the film.
His euphemism jokes which only he and Abbas understand most of the time. I really like Imraan’s character. Besides that there is Shaleen’s character played by Sugandha whom I was really close with. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is cast so perfectly because Shaleen is the next best friend to Aditi after Jai and even off screen Imraan and Sugandha were my best buddies.

On director Abbas Tyrewala
Yes, Abbas is a perfectionist but he is not a taskmaster. Abbas was more of a friend on the sets. That’s his biggest plus point. We didn’t have a generation gap with Abbas, generally a director is put on a pedestal but with Abbas, he was like one amongst us. We had workshops in Panchgani which was great fun and we chatted a lot. Abbas has this unique knack of restricting you as an actor but when he tells you something you will do exactly the way he wants it…In fact when I look back, I am simply amazed by his clarity of thought. He is a fantastic actor and storyteller and hence he is such a brilliant director.

On producer Aamir Khan
Yes…I am one of the lucky few who got a chance to interact with Aamir because Aamir was never on the sets. I met Aamir before I was signed on. My first meeting was with Aamir, Kiran Rao and Abbas. Abbas was skeptical about me because he was hell bent on casting a newcomer for the role of Aditi. It was Aamir who said that “She is perfect for the role. And when someone fits the character so well, one shouldn’t really worry if it’s a newcomer or a known face”. I am so glad that I managed to convince them.

On the music of A.R. Rahman
Definitely ‘Kabhi Kabhi Aditi’. I was really upset that I had to be sad and mournful during the whole shooting of the ‘Aditi’ song. I was telling Abbas, “You can’t do this to me. This is like a punishment” The moment he said ‘Cut’…I was like jumping and dancing…It is very difficult to keep a sullen face and shoot for a song like ‘Aditi’.
When you are shooting, you usually get bored of a song after repeatedly hearing it. With Aditi it was not the case…even after pack up we would listen to the song and all the technicians and crew would freak out and dance to the song. That’s when I realized we had a hit song

On future assignments
I have Anees Bazmee’s film alongside Harman Baweja. It’s the role of a lifetime. The film is a remake of two of my very successful south films down South Though the film looks simple on screen it has been a real task shooting, I am there in every frame of the film even though the film is about a father and son relationship (Nana Patekar and Harman) Besides that I am doing Abbas- Mustan’s Life Partner directed by Rumi Jaffrey but it is too early to talk about it now.

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