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I Hate Luv Storys Hindi Movie Review

I Hate Luv Storys Movie Review

The Film

I Hate Love Storys is a simple romantic tale between a cynical young man and an affable and romantic young lady. As usual, the encounter starts on we-hate-each-other note and ends in we-love-each-other.

The Synopsis

Jay Dhingra (Imran Khan) is an assistant to a sentimental film director (Samir Soni) who is actually filming a love story. Jay is cynical to the extent that he thinks that the so called love is just a stupid aberration of raw emotions. When Simran Sharma ( Sonam Kapoor) joins the unit as an art director, things

I Hate Luv Storys Movie Review

become topsy-turvy to Jay, as Simran is a die-hard Mills & Boon type romantic believing the exultation of love. She has a boy friend Raj ( Samir Dattani). Suddenly Jay is smitten by the love bug. It is a war of yellow chrysanthemums versus red roses. Well, after all, all is fair in love and war; in both the situations, all is well that ends well.

The Performances

Like Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan is another potential super star. His emoting fixes you to the seat and you go through the catharsis with his character and the way he essayed his role. Sonam Kapoor has done well. Hope she gets the recognition she deserves. Samir Soni’s spoof on ‘while on the floors – shooting – by part Karan Johar and part Sanjay Leela Bansali’ is great to watch. Samir Dattani is good. All others fit their roles.

I Hate Luv Storys Movie Review

The Techniques

This is a simple love story simply told with layers of transformation in the emotional quotient of the lead characters. Music by Vishal-Shekhar adds zing to the narration. Cinematography by Ayananka Bose adds the vibrancy as well as the corny sentimentality to the frames. Editing adds to the narration. Audiography is good. Production values are high.

The Verdict

I Hate Love Storys ought to be seen for the simple and pleasant story plus the wide range of thespian talents exhibited by Imran Khan.

The Cast and Crew

Imran Khan,  Sonam Kapoor, Sameer Dattani, Samir Soni, Bruna Abdulla, Anju Mahendroo, Aamir Ali Malik

Director: Punit Malhotra

Producer: Karan Johar, Hiroo Johar, Ronnie Screwvala

Music Director: Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani

Lyricst: Anvita Dutt Guptan, Vishal Dadlani, Kumaar

The Rating

3 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

I Hate Luv Storys Movie Review

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