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I didn’t cheat on my wife, says Josh Brolin

I didn't cheat on my wife, says Josh Brolin

Toronto, Sep 16, Actor Josh Brolin has rubbished allegations that he cheated on his wife Diane.

“My relationship with my wife is fantastic,” said Brolin.

Allegations of infidelity started earlier this year when Brolin was photographed kissing family friend Marley Shelton, reports torontosun.com.

“Marley is my wife’s and my great friend. I’m an extremely affectionate guy… Marley and I were out together, turned around and saw there were cameras. That’s it.

“Next time I see that camera guy, I’m going to give some guy a good smack on the lips and then hopefully it will be, ‘Josh Brolin is gay’ instead of that I’m f**king around on my wife,” he said.

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