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I am not That Selective Says Kalyani Malik

I am not That Selective Says Kalyani Malik

Kalyani Malik who is also called Kalyani Koduri has given many hit albums to the music industry. Last year he gained popularity with ‘Em Sandeham Ledhu’ from ‘Oohalu Gusagusalaade’. He also composed music for hit film like ‘Ala Modalaindi’. Along with this he had been an assistant to his brother Keeravaani and provided background music in many films.

He has done such a tremendous job then why we don’t see him frequently. The answer lies in the fact that he is very choosy about his film and he works with only selective people.

When queried about this, the music director replied while smiling, “This is not true. Unfortunately, this rumor just got around that I work only with select people. I don’t know why this started. I am eager to work will all budding filmmakers and I am not against commercial action entertainers”.

Kalyani Malik after winning critical applause is now keen to establish himself commercially and become a top director in music industry.

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