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I Am Kalam for London Film Festival

I Am Kalam for London Film Festival

The film I Am Kalam scripted by Sanjay Chauhan of Pan Singh Tomar fame and directed by Nila Madhab Panda has been invited for screening at the London Film Festival. The film is produced by Smile Foundation and Eleeanora Images Private Limited.

The film has won a number of awards and recognitions on the international circuit. The Lucas International film festival jury awarded the prize for best feature film and It also got the prestigious Don Quijote Prize of the International Federation of Cine-Clubs (FICC) awards.

Set in Bikaner, Rajasthan, I Am Kalam is the story of Chhotu’s hunger for education, something which he cannot aspire to have because of penury. Chhotu, played by Delhi slum boy Harsh Mayar, works in a dhaba and starts referring to himself as Kalam after watching the former president speak on TV about how he got his education fighting several odds.

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