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How Prabhas Fill This Gap With his Fans?

How Prabhas Fill This Gap With his Fans?

The magnum-opus of SS Rajamouli ‘Bahubali’ has the cast of the dream for any director or producer. It is being lead by PrabhasRana, Anushka and others best of the industry in their respective characters. The movie is being prepared with a budget of over 100 Crore.

Anyhow, the movie might score an industry-hit but the question that’s hitting the fans of the RebelStar is that is he doing right by investing two-three years for one project at this stage of his career.

Several directors approached Prabhas with some best scripts but the actor preferred to nod negatively to all of them. Now, there is a gap being bridged between the fans and the star, which had to be filled by the RebelStar as soon as possible

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