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How Paresh Rawal Helps John Abraham?

How Paresh Rawal Helps John Abraham?

Earlier Actor John Abraham have played comedy roles in many films, he says veteran actor Paresh Rawal has helped him immensely in excelling at comic timing in upcoming film ‘Welcome Back’.

At the launch of the cover of Men’s Health magazine which features him, he said, “I would like to thank Paresh Rawal because he is one of the reasons why I have improved my comic timing,” And he can’t thank him enough.

He added- “If you see, most of my comedy films – be it Garam Masala, Desi Boyz or Housefull 2 – these have been with co-stars but Welcome Back, in a strange way has me alone. I have been let out into the wild alone,”

Anees Bazmee is director of ‘Welcome Back’ which is a sequel to the 2007 hit comedy Welcome. The prequel stars Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Nana Patekar and Paresh among others.

John has replaced Akshay Kumar for the sequel. John is now hopeful that the audience will not only love this film but also his work.
He said-“I have seen the film (Welcome Back), so I can only tell you that you could be probably in the saddest state of your life, but when you go and see the film, it will make you so happy,”

He also added -“It’s a universal film. Kids will love it, grandparents will love it, and everyone is going to love this film. And I hope I’ve done well for myself,”

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