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Hotel Hollywood creating waves

Hotel Hollywood creating waves

Hotel Hollywood, a horror film about an Indian American wedding party that faces a gruesome contagion is fast gaining popularity around the world. The movie features excellent camera work by Mathew Boyd and delivered with sensitive direction by Param Gill.

The film succeeds with an excellent storyline, gripping impact, and great camera technique. Never before has a film excelled at all three at the same time. Hotel Hollywood is set at an Indian wedding party that mysteriously went missing in a Los Angeles hotel. The film is based on a real story

suspiciously hinting at a government cover-up. It builds to an action packed climax that keeps you glued to the edge of your seat. The film is shot from a first person camera perspective (a character in the film is the wedding cameraman who is shooting the events as they happen) – the filmmakers accomplished this without ever lying to the audience.

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