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Hollywood film ‘Kaali…’ not about Hindu goddess: Producer

Hollywood film 'Kaali...' not about Hindu goddess: Producer

By Shilpa Raina

New Delhi, Sep 30 : Hollywood film “Kaali – The Warrior Goddess” is inspired by mythology but not based on the Hindu goddess, says Britain-based producer Karan Arora who plans to cast Colombian pop singer Shakira in the title role.

“Let me clarify that through this movie we are not trying to depict any mythological character. It is not the story of goddess Kali and it has nothing to do with the scriptures. It is a complete fictional story,” Arora told IANS in an interview here.

But he admits that the looks and clothes in the film are inspired by mythology.

“We definitely have a few things in common like victory of good over evil. Also, in terms of looks, clothes and costumes, the film is heavily inspired by mythology. The movie will be made in English and then it will be dubbed in Hindi and various other languages.”

There are many who are not happy with the choice of Shakira for the title role even though she is yet to sign on the dotted line.

Arora said: “While scripting we never thought of taking Shakira because we were trying to evolve a new concept. Once the script was ready, we wanted someone with international appeal and she fits the bill completely.

“We are still in the process of negotiations and paperwork. So we can’t confirm her presence till the deal is through. But if she is on, let me tell you our investors are already jumping with joy. You will see Shakira in a completely different avatar, it won’t be a regular sing and dance act.”

Arora, CEO of High Grounds Entertainment Ltd, which will produce the movie in association with noted sound recordist Walter Anderson, also explained the film will have characters inspired by mythology, but they are not trying to preach anything.

“Kaali’s character has got power; she is someone bestowed with powers. All through these years you have watched movies like ‘300’ and ‘Avatar’ that have characters from the West. Through this movie, from the very beginning, our aim was to have our leading character from the East. But this movie is meant for international audiences…,” he said.

To be directed by Simon Hunter, “Kaali – The Warrior Goddess” will go on the floors in April next year and is slated for a 2013 release. The film’s budget is $75 million and Arora says money will be spent on technology.

“As the movie is imaginary, we are not bound by any geographical locations. Though we will shoot some parts in eastern Europe, mostly it will be studios as it is a 3D VFX movie. So the budget will be spent more on technology and less on stars,” said Arora.

Hunter has roped in technicians from the US and Britain as well as a research team from Kolkata to work on the look of the movie.

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